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 First of all, let me introduce myself; I am empress Luna, Spiritual Satanist. This is important becouse everything here proclaims my lifestyle. After watching my works and reading my words, you may become interested more. In this case i gladly guide you to visit this page: www.666blacksun.com The site you are looking at now mainly introduces my fashion- design, the growing collection called Haru. You`ll find also art and books that i have done here. This brand; "fourth reich fashion" is military by it`s nature, so is this particular collection "Haru" and the book of it. "Haru" means spring - after a vinter there will be a new spring, the new beginning! Peace and war are elements that are not necessarily seen as opposite poles but as a same actually; the black sun.

 The God of love is a God of Spring, Apollon. Apollon brought back the light of Sun; He is the Light-bearer - Lucifer! According to the apocalypse of John, Apollon was equated with Devil, and according to the belief of Roman Church, Lucifer is Satan!

The lost Atlantis

Haru is an island that once upon a time was existing somewhere (lost Atlantis). Haru is living in the stories and in a deep memory of dreams.Haru was a place of order, those who were ruling were full of Lifeforce around them. Anyway, Haru was lost violently - withouth a fight one cannot achieve back what once was lost.

This way, Haru is in the past and yet present in the urge of an individual to get into better, evolve yourself to the perfectness! Haru is indeed also an attitude, once you have it, you also have Haru inside you!

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I recommend strongly to visit this site if you are ready for the truth www.kabbalahexposed.com

Spread the wings of Soul

and sail again


For the victory has come

And then

The mild wind from Ediru


Tells us the secrets we lost

and makes us alive


Alive so that we feel again

All joys of Edin


For the Golden Age is here

The very deepest of my dreams


How shiny is the Sun

How shiny is the Crown

How shiny is Haru


Third Reich and it`s visuality is naturally my inspiration as a spiritual Satanist becouse the Third Reich was Satanic by it`s nature and not by any means christian. You can see pagan symbols, pagan rituals in a visualization of it`s beliefs. This is to educate readers, to awaken them to the truth. So, it is said and so it will be...

Satanism is a catch-all label for Paganism. "Satan" means "ENEMY" in Hebrew. "Satan" is the enemy to the Jewish people. Satan is God of Gentiles, the leaders of Third Reich knew this!

Swastika and the Black Sun

The National Socialist Swastika is the reversal of the Ancient Sanskrit Swastika. Most things in Satanism are backwards. The Swastika is an important solar symbol. "666" is the kabbalistic square of the sun.

"When the various völkisch and German cultural societes began adopting the hakenkreuz as their emblem, then, they were just as conscious of it`s anti-Christian potential as they were of their own anti-Semetic intent. This was paganism as a movement set up in opposition to Judeo-Christianity as well as to communism, capitalism and democracy, which were all creatures of the Jewish-Masonic conspiracy (Unholy Alliance, A History of Nazi involvement with the Occult, 2003).


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